The Kreisman Graduate Fellows Program brings together a cohort of University of Chicago graduate students from across fields of study who are committed to pursuing careers in housing research or practice. Fellowship activities emphasize an inter-disciplinary and inter-sector approach to connect ideas and people in unexpected ways, and ultimately to promote a better understanding of housing opportunities and solutions. During the academic year, Kreisman Graduate Fellows take part in a range of professional development activities, including intimate lunch-and-learn meetings, professional development sessions, and an independent internship or research project in the housing field, supported by a stipend.

Meet our current Kreisman Graduate Fellows.

Applications for the 2024-25 Kreisman Graduate Fellows Program are now open, with a deadline of May 10, 2024.


“In my current role, I am a data scientist focused on electronic health record pediatric research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. One thing that stuck with me during my time as a Kreisman Fellow was the depth of the relationship between housing and health, which is a relationship that we often explore at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP). We are currently working on a project investigating the relationship between neighborhood green spaces and asthma in Philadelphia.”

Ryan Webb

Data Scientist at Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, Former Kreisman Fellow