Annual Symposium

The Kreisman Initiative hosts an annual symposium that brings together leading housing academics, policy makers, and practitioners from the public, private, and innovation spheres, with an emphasis on knowledge creation, including new data and tools, and the comparative analysis of perspectives and solutions, including between domestic and international participants. To complement the symposium, the Kreisman Initiative also organizes a recurring event series with academics and practitioners that focuses on practical challenges of housing, cross-sector knowledge comparative analysis and exchange, and generating novel insights toward more effective interventions. These events are made possible by substantial support from David Kreisman AB ’60, JD ’63, and his wife, Susan.

The 2023 Symposium Missing Middle Housing: The Key to Scaling Affordability?, held on May 1, spotlighted the intersection of middle housing—whether missing or disappearing—and affordability. We want to know: what are the prospects for affordability via unsubsidized, “missing middle” housing? Is the middle tier of housing really more affordable, and under what circumstances does it stay that way?

2023 Symposium


2022 Symposium